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Heads in the Cloud

People who work in the cloud require a grounded office environment. When Vision Critical needed to expand their office space, the company turned to DIALOG to design a work environment that would convey their start-up boldness, and project their grown-up professionalism.


(Don’t) Stop Scribbling on the Walls!!

Always-on, social and mobile-savvy is a description that fits both the clients and the staff of this young and fast-rising technology firm. Vision Critical wanted to retain their roll-up-your-sleeves start up spirit, so DIALOG designed their space to allow staff to make their mark – literally. Eating a sandwich in the café and get struck with the next great innovation? No problem, whiteboard walls mean people can share their ideas there and then, and any space becomes the best space for impromptu meetings.

Keep your Eyes Peeled!

Most employees work at low-rise workstations situated at the perimeter of the space. Positioning public areas and enclosed spaces close to the core made it possible to provide ample natural light to employees at their desks. It also provides clear sightlines throughout the workspace. By inserting a wide range of bookable and free access meeting areas that are clearly visible to staff, DIALOG also gave Vision Critical a lot of flexibility in how and where they work. It’s a snap to see which space are free, and that makes it easy to hold impromptu meetings, or get away from it all for a private call.

Make yourself at home, why don’t you?!

Everyone likes to hang out in the kitchen, so why not work there too? Vision Critical’s kitchen banquettes are equally popular for team sessions or to enjoy a chat over lunch. DIALOG’s design intentionally blurs the distinction between work space and chill-out zone. The at-home, casual approach to shared spaces are well used by the Vision Critical team. Employees gather in ‘the living room’ to hold informal meetings and to play video games. To get the polished but informal look that Vision Critical was seeking, DIALOG combined industrial materials and finishes with plywood and wood paneling. Bolted-together plywood frames with bold, black metal corners enclose banquettes; polished concrete floors, strips of exposed ceiling and hits of saturated colour add personality to a neutral base building making the space feel more like a loft than an office. Throughout the space, large, themed graphics, selected by the staff, share the values they each care about. This is their space, and it was important to Vision Critical that the environment convey Mi casa es su casa sensibility.

Project facts

Size: 13,550 sq. ft.
Completed: 2014
Client: Vision Critical
Cost: $700,000
Services: Space Planning, Interior Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Achievements & Awards

ARIDO Awards - Workplaces, Award of Merit