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Western Front

An integrated mixed-use plan focuses on being a model for city development.

Edmonton, Alberta

Mixed uses

A broad range of residential building types (1500 units), live-work and commercial retail, respecting the Legislature through “background” design consistency and massing, and addressing the public realm with front doors.


It is an enriched pedestrian-friendly grid of streets and lanes to connect to the river, Legislature and Downtown. The focus is the river and repurposing the Rossdale Generating Station.

Integrated city planning

The urban design plan is developed in coordination with the City/ Province agreement “Edmonton – Alberta’s Capital City Integrated Planning and Design Initiative”. Its objectives are reinforced by this plan and include: History and archeological significance, Touch the water, Connect and integrate, Implement public realm improvements, Improve mobility and sustainable transportation, Create sustainable and complete neighbourhoods, Create and enhance gateways, View corridors, Enhance parks and open spaces, Work together in implementing various plans.

Project facts

Size: 22.5 Ha.
Cost: $52 Million
Completed: 2010
Collaborators : Armin A. Preiksaitis & Associates, Strugess Architecture, Catherine C. Cole & Associates, Bunt & Associates Engineering, Associated Engineering
Client: City of Edmonton

Achievements & Awards

National Honour Award – Planning and Analysis, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects

Award of Excellence: Unimplemented Urban Design Plans - The City of Edmonton Urban Design Awards