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On Campus

The first four buildings of a planned six help define direction and culture on a large corporate campus

Calgary, Alberta

Building 1

is a four storey structure offering a total of 81,700sf rentable area. It is located directly off a new internal access road connecting to Richard Road and 50 Avenue SW. The building tied into a system of pedestrian walkways and lies in close proximity to two bus stations. The site offers a parking lot with 286 stalls for tenants and low maintenance landscaping. A floating three-storey curtain wall element wrapping around the southeast corner creates the public face of the building while a similar, smaller element on the northwest corner creates a strong visual connection to Richard Road. The use of floor to ceiling glass in these areas results in a transparency that creates a very open, dynamic façade. Heat gain and glare on the south side are minimized through external shading devices that will further enhance the high-tech look of the building.

Building 2

is a three storey office building with the main floor set back from the upper storeys providing an elegant plinth upon which the curtain wall facades above are supported. The east, north and west curtain wall elevations are accentuated with a metal panel frame and vertical anodized aluminum mullions animated with random pattern extensions. A unique glass scrim feature accentuates the main entry and provides sun screening for rooms with south exposure. Building 2 was designed with GWL Realty Advisors with Carma Developments as the defined tenant for the entire building. DIALOG provided base building consultant services, all disciplines and worked with GWL Realty Advisors and Carma to provide a project which responded to owner and tenant criteria.

Building 3

This is an eight storey structure offering a total of 173 000 sq. ft. rentable area. Its principle entrance is off Westmount Way, a fully treed internal pedestrian street which leads into a landscaped traffic square complete with textured paving treatments and outdoor seating areas. The superstructure of this building consists of concrete topping on metal decking supported on structural steel beams and columns. The underground parkade is constructed from a cast-in-place banded slab system.

Building 4

located within Westmount Corporate Campus. The fourth of six buildings to be built, Building Four, 160,000 square feet, is comprised of six storeys with one storey of underground parking for 71 cars. The design concept for Building Four and adjacent development areas is consistent with the overall design concept for the campus plan including building design, finishes, paving treatments, lighting elements, landscaping and street furniture. With sustainability as a key design objective, Building 4 is designed to meet the requirements of the LEED® Canada Silver standard.

Project facts

Size: 750,000 sq. ft. (approximately)
Cost : $150 Million (approximately)
Completed : 2011
Collaborators : McIntosh
Builder: Stuart Olson Dominion
Client: GWL Realty Advisors