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Next Stop

A stylish station upgrade is the first of seven set for this line of the city’s Light Rail Transit system

Calgary, Alberta

Upping the standard

Whitehorn Station was renovated with the intention of establishing updated design and meeting current transit standards along the N.E. Line of the C-Train. The station is the first of seven DIALOG is working on along the line that will be completed by 2014.

Bright, welcoming space

The intelligent lighting both inside and out, combined with open space improves visibility throughout the station. Wood, steel and glass finishes also contribute to making this a safe, welcoming environment to passengers.

Increased passenger capacity

The entire train platform and canopy is redesigned and extended to accommodate 4-car trains rather than the 3-car trains in service now and will help to move more passengers faster.

Precast concrete

The upgrade includes replacing all of the of the station platforms with as little interruption to service as possible. As such the older 85m platforms will be replaced with 105m versions created by connecting multiple 16-tonne precast slabs and utilizing existing grade beams. This method will allow for quick demolition of the existing platform and a very short turnaround time on the installation of the updated platform.

Project facts

Cost: $7 Million (Whitehorn only)
Client: City of Calgary/ Calgary Transit
Collaborators : HFKS Architects Inc. (Prime)
Builder: PCL
Completed: 2011