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Comfort Food

An ultra-upscale eating area redesigns the standard for shopping mall food courts

Toronto, Ontario

Call Ahead

The upscale eating area was designed to suit the high-end retail experience at the mall. Shoppers can reserve tables, enjoy plated meals and use real cutlery.

Royal Treatment

The new 4,200-square-metre, $38 million space, called Dine On 3, is upstairs where the old Eaton’s store used to be.

Hot Plates

The space includes two massive fireplaces and a patio that seats 60.

Super Sized

At 1,000 seats, the new “food collection” is double the capacity of the old food court.

Project facts

Size: 5,269 sq. m./ 56,800 sq. ft.
Cost : $25 Million
Completed : 2012
Collaborators : JPRA Architects
Client : Oxford Properties Group