Scholarship in Honour of Michael Evamy

This scholarship is available to a Canadian student attending a Canadian School of Architecture in the year prior to his or her final year of study of their professional degree program. DIALOG established the Michael Evamy Scholarship Foundation to honour the memory of Michael Evamy, a partner instrumental in building our integrated practice. Valued at $5,000, the award provides financial assistance to the selected student to undertake a specific research project based on a field of study of interest to him or her. Up to $3,000 is also available for project related expenses, including travel.

The 2019 Michael Evamy Scholarship recipient is Julia Nakanishi for her proposal entitled New Commons: Designing for Cultural Sustainability in Japan’s Shrinking Regions.


2020 applications are due at 11:59pm MST on March 16, 2020.

Who’s eligible

All Canadian students enrolled in a Canadian School of Architecture in the year before their final year of study in a professional architecture degree program. The winner must confirm a willingness to:

How to apply

Deliver your application to DIALOG. It may be submitted by mail or by posting to the DIALOG Share site. Provide three sets of the following information (as described below):

  • information about you
  • cover page
  • project brief
  • work sample
  • references

Information about you

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • School of Architecture
  • Academic record
  • Awards, honours and any grants received

Cover page

  • Name
  • Title of the proposed project
  • Date of submission

Project brief Describe the project and methodology in 1,000 words or less. Images may be included.

  • Description Clearly and concisely identify the nature and objectives of the project and how it relates to the specified field of study. Describe the scope of the project and define what the project intends to accomplish.
  • Methodology Outline how you propose to conduct your study (travel, research, etc.) including your approach to collecting and analyzing information (photography, sketching, literature review, interviews, etc.).
  • Schedule Outline the time frame and location of the study, including time allotted for specific project tasks. Include a proposed itinerary if travel is involved.
  • Budget Outline the costs needed to undertake the project. Include a breakdown of essential expenses such as travel (airfare, food and accommodation), telephone, postage, photography, photocopying, supplies, etc.

Portfolio Provide one example of previous project work that demonstrates your design and presentation skills.

References Provide three letters of support demonstrating your leadership skills and ability to complete the proposed project. Reference letters are to be sent directly to the Scholarship Manager, DIALOG or by posting to the DIALOG Share site.

All material submitted will become the property of DIALOG and will not be returned to you.

Send your application to:
Scholarship in Honour of Michael Evamy
100, 10237 – 104 Street NW
Edmonton, AB  T5J 1B1
Attention: Scholarship Manager

Electronic applications may be posted to the DIALOG Share site. For posting instructions, please contact Donna Clare, Scholarship Manager at ac.ngisedgolaidnull@eralcd.

How the winner is selected

The Michael Evamy Scholarship Board of Trustees administers the scholarship and selects the winner. Selection of the successful candidate is based on three criteria:

  • an expressed interest in the scholarship and the chosen field of study
  • the nature of the research project relative to the chosen field of study
  • academic achievement and demonstrated leadership ability

Terms of the award

The winner will:

  • prepare a presentation for the public and for publication. DIALOG will organize the public presentation and reception
  • give a similar presentation at the student’s school in September of the following year

The winner must use the award money within one calendar year of being notified of the award. Travel expenses for the presentations are funded separately and are in addition to the award.