We combine the laws of engineering and the power of imagination to test the limits of possibility.

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Our mechanical engineers are motivated by solving complex problems. For example, is it possible to turn a resource dependent university science lab into a global leader in energy use? From the research labs of the University of Calgary’s Energy Environment Experiential Learning (EEEL) project to the surgical suites at Edmonton Clinic South, our mechanical engineering team harnesses 45 years of project success. We consistently lead the way with new technology and, as a result, our buildings are efficient to operate, easy to maintain and limit environmental impacts. We build on expertise in HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection and design buildings with great lighting and acoustics, superior indoor air quality and temperature control. We are also experts at energy modeling, thermal comfort analysis, commissioning, natural ventilation design and storm water/grey water reuse. And we are always looking to be the first to solve the most difficult engineering challenges of our times.

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