We design inspirational and transformative spaces that make the everyday, extraordinary.

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What sets DIALOG Interior Design apart? In a word, process. We empower our clients to work with us. This kind of collaboration helps our design teams translate their thoughts and ideas into the inspiring physical spaces that not only compliment, but also enhance their culture. This pairing of organizational insight and innovative design means our spaces evoke an intimate relationship between thoughtful interior design and physical, mental and social wellbeing for the end user experience.

Consider how much easier it is to spend a few extra hours in a truly inspired workspace; or how much more a student can learn in a comfortable, light-filled classroom; or how much healthier a hospital patient feels surrounded by bright, open spaces and warm, calming colours. As part of an integrated team, we offer our clients seamless services to meet their organizational goals – from enhancing productivity, and improving health and wellbeing, to leaving a positive, lasting impression on anyone who enjoys our spaces.

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@dialogdesign 3 days ago
Welcome to the social ❤️of our Toronto studio. From design team pinups, yoga stretching, client meetings to monthly parties - this is the place to be. Want to see more? We're hiring across all of our studios - check out the link in bio for all of the postings.

@dialogdesign 3 months ago
To celebrate @EdmontonDesignWeek, we are opening our doors and inviting you to look at the city and our projects from a design perspective! City Blocks | Pick up cubes to explore overlaying grids that make up our city like natural spaces, transportation, and development. Rearrange the city. Put it back together. Discover connections you didn’t realize before. Making of the Museum | A museum-style exhibit that shows how the design of @Royal_Alberta_Museum came together. Get a behind-the-scenes look at early renderings and sketches, and learn how a multi-disciplinary design team comes together to make landmarks like RAM come to life. Open House! We’re opening our doors to the public on Friday afternoon! Tour our exhibits and get an exclusive tour of our studio in action. Friday, Sept 29, 2-4:30pm. All info: dialogdesign.ca/edw (link in bio) #EDW17 #yeg #yegdt #exploreedmonton #design #architecture #engineering #interiordesign #Landscapearchitecture #urbanism

@dialogdesign 4 months ago
Students are going to LOVE their new building. Repeat: LOVE! The finishing touches are being completed on @NorQuestCollege Singhmar Centre for Learning. NorQuest College has been an important post-secondary institution in Edmonton since the 1960s. Their existing downtown tower didn’t match NorQuest’s inclusive and student-centred philosophy. The SCFL is a transformational project that gives students a true college experience, and advances NorQuest’s technology and program options. It’s a huge step forward for NorQuest College and a catalyst for future growth. #backtoschool #studentcentred #postsecondary #architecture #engineering #interiordesign #landscapearchitecture

@dialogdesign 5 months ago
Edson Healthcare Centre is a full service rural community hospital and continuing care centre set on a forested site in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It was designed to embrace its natural surroundings and feel like a home away from home. Easy wayfinding with visual connections to the outdoors helps alleviate unnecessary stress for hospital visitors and patients. Images from the Edson Photo Club line the hallways and provide a calming sense of place. #communitywellbeing #hospital #design #architecture #engineering #landscapearchitecture #interiordesign

@dialogdesign 6 months ago
There’s no one way to conduct a meeting anymore. Teams require a variety of spaces to work effectively. DIALOG's #workplacedesign keeps productivity in mind – including quiet zones, #collaborative break-out areas, and larger spaces that can #transform in a flash. Office environments are now more #agile than ever. #meeting #design #interiordesign #officedesign #designinspo