We know that what’s inside, counts. Smart and good looking, it’s a good position to be in.

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Consider how much easier it is to spend extra hours in an inspired workspace; or how much more a student can learn in a comfortable classroom; or how much healthier a hospital patient feels surrounded by light and colour. We find flexible ways to meet organizational goals that range from enhancing productivity, to improving health and wellbeing, to leaving a lasting impression on potential customers. Whether it’s a million-square-foot shopping mall or a small office reception area, we put integrated, cost-effective Interior Design solutions to work for all of our clients. After all, if a building has the benefit of brilliant architecture and expert engineering, why shouldn’t it be perfect on the inside, too?

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@designdialog 6 months ago
Redefine the way you travel at The Emblem Hotel in Prague. Interior design by @alisondialog + team. #DIALOG #Prague #Interiors #InteriorDesign #Hotel #Luxury

@alisondialog 6 months ago
Designer uniform #dialog #dialogdesign #studiolife #toronto #blackisthenewblack #interiordesign

@sunnyjhooty.photography 6 months ago
UBC Nest by @dialogdesign and B+H Architects.

@designdialog 7 months ago
Octopuses and Art Deco: The Marine Building is a next-generation #office building juxtaposing vintage flare and contemporary elegance in the heart of downtown #Vancouver. #dialog #interiordesign #yvr #design http://ow.ly/WVbKo

@designdialog 7 months ago
Emblem, Prague, recently recognized by @enroute for Hotel Design. This boutique hotel draws inspiration from sources as diverse as the Avant Guarde, Futurism, Art Deco, and Bauhaus #dialog #emblem #hotel #interiordesign #design #travel #luxury http://ow.ly/WVarc