What's your favourite DIALOG initiative?
The Iris Prize – as it fuels curiosity and creativity, while encouraging DIALOGERs to pursue their passion projects.
What’s one skill (outside of work) that you’d like to learn?
The secret to becoming a morning person. I am a night owl aspiring to change my ways.
What’s your favourite mode of transportation?
I love walking and taking unfamiliar routes, discovering familiar cities in new ways.

Fiza joined DIALOG’s Toronto studio in 2017. As an architectural designer in a family full of doctors, Fiza realized early in her career that her passion lay at the intersection of healthcare and architecture. At DIALOG, Fiza has spent her time focusing on clinical planning while her project experience includes a range of healthcare, civic, institutional and residential projects.  

Fiza’s design approach is centered around the belief that well-designed spaces can positively contribute to individual and community health and wellbeing. Her favourite moments at work are engaging with users and collaborating with an integrated team to generate innovative and effective design solutions. 

In 2020, Fiza was the recipient of DIALOG’s internal scholarship The Iris Prize. She was given time and funding to research the role of the environment as a catalyst to healing and the architectural placebo effect, before sharing her findings practice wide.


  • Bachelor of Architecture Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture