If you could work a ‘day in the life’ of another discipline at DIALOG, whose would it be?
I am secretly a structural engineer in disguise. I enjoy working with the structural team to bend the rules of engineering, to think of new and exciting ways to breathe new life into building structures.
What’s your favourite pastime?
I practice what I preach. In my spare time, I build and renovate homes.
What’s one skill (outside of work) that you’d like to learn?
I would love to learn how to play guitar. Playing guitar around the camp fire would be an achievement.

Jacquie has over 35 years of Canadian and international project experience, specializing in building science, project management, and quality assurance. She joined the DIALOG team in 2008. 

Jacquie's approach to the science of architecture blends the design, function, and technical aspects of the profession. Her method results in high-performing, aesthetically pleasing buildings for working, living, and learning.  

Jacquie fosters an atmosphere of collaboration and excellence on every project she works on and with everyone she collaborates with. She is always coaching and mentoring staff to broaden their knowledge-base and help our team achieve excellent project results.

Jacquie has worked on a number of ground-breaking designs, including the Calgary International Airport LEED® certified project.  

 Learn something new every day.
Jacquie Leslie


  • Diploma in Architectural Technology Mohawk College