What's your favourite DIALOG initiative?
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community Outreach Effort, shows DIALOG’s commitment to building a community which truly reflects Toronto.
What’s your favourite mode of transportation?
Usually two feet, on indulgent days it consists of a bicycle!
Where's your happy place?
It is a small butterfly sanctuary in Corktown Commons, a peaceful surreal place to catch your breath. There is a coffee place close-by which makes it even better!

Explorer of cities, designer and planner, Rahul strives to build bridges across disciplines, scales and cultures. Born and raised in Delhi, a city known for its contrasts, he learns from places and people he encounters. Rahul’s professional experience stretches across architecture, urban design and urban planning. 

Since 2004, Rahul has worked on various projects, including large scale master plans, mixed-use developments, urban revitalization plans, streetscape design in Canada and globally. As an urban planner with DIALOG since 2018, he continues to advocate for placemaking, active transportation, and all aspects of community well-being in his projects. 

Rahul’s approach to his work is based on understanding the city as a social and built entity. Built through its constant iterative process of change, urban design can provide opportunities to create meaningful, democratic and vibrant places. He brings passion and enthusiasm to envision positive change to his work.

Outside his project work, Rahul contributes to ULI’s Urban Plan program, which provides high school students with an understanding of urban development challengesRahul contributes his time as mentor to emerging urbanists in India through an annual week-long workshop on landscape urbanism in collaboration with SEARCH, a non-profit based in India and the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. In 2018, Rahul was a fellow at the ULI TorontoCurtner Urban Leadership Program and developed a planning vision for the Mount Dennis community.


  • Master of Urban Planning McGill University
  • Bachelor of Architecture Indraprastha University


2018 Fellow, Curtner Leadership Program, ULI Toronto