Whose work are you most impressed by?
Christian Menn designs beautiful, simple structures that are efficient and innovative, which is what we should aspire to as structural engineers.
What's your favourite DIALOG initiative?
TGITs are a great way to get to know DIALOGers that we don't normally get to work with, blow off a little steam, and build a great culture of informal team-building and collaboration.
What’s your favourite mode of transportation?
Think of how great the world would be if everyone rode their bike to work. Reduced environmental impacts, better health, and accidents would be much more likely to result in a skinned knee than anything else.
What's one quote you live by?
"Just recognize a brilliant idea when it occurs, and preserve it through the long and arduous process of making it a reality." – Henry Petroski

Sean has been building better communities with DIALOG since 2004. As a structural engineer, his primary focus is on urban infrastructure projects, including bridges and slope stabilization structures. He believes strongly in the importance of maintaining and rehabilitating structures to help sustain our existing urban infrastructure.  

Sean’s roles include manager of complex interdisciplinary projects, structural engineering designer, and leader within the DIALOG structural engineering team. His most notable projects include work for the City of Edmonton and Alberta Transportation, such as the Walterdale Bridge, Mechanized River Valley Access, Groat Road Bridges Rehabilitation, and Jasper Avenue New Vision. The Mechanized River Valley Access project is especially important to Sean because it tied together everything he most values in his work and our team philosophy: bridge and building components, multidisciplinary design, and meaningful community development.

Sean is an avid cyclist who is passionate about improving the public realm through sustainable infrastructure improvement and rehabilitation. He tempers his cycling habits with healthy doses of ice cream.  


  • Master of Engineering, Structural University of Alberta
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Lakehead University