Whose work are you most impressed by?
I’m in awe of our incredibly talented DIALOGers, and especially the cohort members of our leadership development program, buildDIALOG. I’ve witnessed their passion, creativity, empathy, inspiration, learning and growth, and impressive thought leadership.
If you could live a ‘day in the life’ of someone else, who would it be?
It’s maybe cliché, but I’d love to be architect or an interior designer. I’m not inherently a ‘creative’ person, so I’d love to see and interpret the world from that perspective.
What could turn any bad day into a good day?
The best days are when I see an idea come to life, or I hear about the positive impact of something I’ve played a role in creating. It’s the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of my job.

Sean joined DIALOG in 2019 to lead the human resources team and internal communications. As a business leader, and a ‘people practitioner,’ Sean helps shape the future of DIALOG, drawing on his wide-ranging experiences with professional services, enterprise software, finance, and energy sectorsSean joined DIALOG during an intense period of change and shortly before an emerging global pandemic turned the world upside down. During this ever-evolving time, Sean has helped shape the plans, response, recovery, and transition to thrive in our distributed virtual studios.  

While Sean believes that ‘everyone owns culture,’ he’s a caretaker and advocate for building a high-trusting, empathetic, and values-based cultureSean’s personal goal is to influence the world around him through advocacy, leadership, and an aspiring culture. He is always looking for the big moves and small, incremental opportunities to continuously improve the wellbeing of our teams and business. 

Sean’s favorite past-times include personal finance, enjoying superhero films and television, and cherishing every opportunity he can with his wife and four children connecting to the natural world by camping and hiking.  


  • Bachelor of Commerce Lakehead University
  • Human Resources Management Confederation College of Applied Arts