What's your favourite DIALOG initiative?
The annual Iris Prize competition that is open to all DIALOG employees and offers the opportunity to indulge in field research on a topic that you have always been curious about but haven't had the time to dedicate towards. My research on designing for inclusion for the 2019 Iris Prize has enriched my knowledge and informed my capacity in practice.
What’s your favourite pastime?
Paddleboarding when I am close to water, and snowboarding when I'm not. It's an inexplicable feeling of elation and humility combined.
Where's your happy place?

Tracy has a curiosity and passion for architectural design that embodies creative communities. She started as a project architect in our Vancouver studio in 2014, and then joined our Calgary studio in 2016. Tracy is an advocate for how cultural, recreational, and social enterprises can bring innovation and impact to community infrastructure.  

Her experience focuses on public spaces like educational institutions, public infrastructure, and recreational and cultural centres. Tracy enjoys leading the consultant team in a collaborative and spirited manner. She is a well-rounded leader with a track-record of carrying complex projects through from design to construction.  

Tracy is an active community member. She spearheaded the East Village community beacon installation for the 2018 Beakerhead Festival, and has been the Urban Land Institute co-chair for the City of Calgary's healthYYC Initiative for the past two years. Tracy is the 2019 recipient of our Iris Prize internal scholarship program. She’s currently researching sensory space and inclusive design, looking at how intercultural groups can create new synergies of experience through the design of an environment. 

We are each granted one life to make an impact in this world. Let's make our time here authentic, worthwhile, and heartfelt.
Tracy Liu


  • Master of Architecture University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Arts, Urban Studies University of Calgary