It's a month that brings attention to the world-saving solutions and rewarding careers that are possible with engineering.

March puts the spotlight on engineering in Canada and around the world. World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development is celebrated on March 4, recognizing the contribution engineering makes towards the UN's Sustainable Development goals and marking the release of the 2nd UNESCO Engineering Report.

"Engineering plays a key role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals as it utilizes the principles of science and mathematics to develop practical applications in food, water, energy, environment, sustainable cities, natural disaster resilience and other areas which are crucial to all mankind... Engineering is at the heart of our modern world and will shape the future, as has been the case for millennia."

The celebration continues for National Engineering Month in Canada. Over 500 events take place this month for curious, young minds to learn about the field of engineering.

At DIALOG, our engineering teams do more than just bring the architectural vision to life. Our structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering teams are an integrated part of the design team right from the beginning. The design sensibilities of these experts are the reason our spaces are comfortable to inhabit, responsible towards our planet, and elegantly structured.

Many of our engineers and technologists teach or mentor students entering the field, and we have supported students through highly engaging scholarships and work placements for decades.

This month—and every month—we appreciate the contribution our engineering teams make towards improving communities and the environment we all share. 

Meet our Engineering Leaders