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Our Work

Taking care of each other

Now, more than ever, our front-line workers and first responders need facilities that allow them to work efficiently and effectively while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

With the windows, the natural light and the view of nature, it actually advances one's overall health, and the science is there to support it. So it’s impressive when you can actually use physical infrastructure to support health and to get people healthier quicker.
Dr. Kevin Worry, North Zone Medical Director for Alberta Health Services
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Building better communities

As our cities and towns grow, so too does our need to design sustainable communities that allow us to live, work, and play.

Instead of trying to tell people what they want, listen to them and understand what they need and figure out a way to provide it.
James Robertson, President and CEO, West Campus Development Trust
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Challenging the status quo

We're redefining parks, pushing sustainability targets, and creating a world that everyone can enjoy.

Our diverse population expects more from our parks. They must offer respite, recreation, and social interaction, as well as unique experiences. The design of this new park reflects residents’ requests for a park that is bolder and forward-thinking.
Camil Dumont, Chair, Vancouver Park Board
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Making work spaces work

With four generations in the workforce, one size doesn't fit all. We're designing flexible work spaces that cater to a variety of work styles and help get the task at hand done.

You really get the essence of San Francisco from the outside-in and it creates a community feeling versus an office feeling.
Nick Slonek, Managing Director, San Francisco Office, Avison Young